We’re The Campbells lesson  this week  for episode  presents a thing that we don’t take into our hearts much. It takes on joy. Erica and Wozy celebrate their birthdays together, but Warryn misfires with a string of lame birthday presents; Joi records a music video for her new single, “Coco Butter.”

Joy as an adult is something we shelve as we age. God’s people are both commanded to rejoice and characterized by rejoicing. In a world of sin and suffering, mess and misery, it is good news to hear that joy is possible.

For one, joy is commanded all over the Bible. It was commanded of God’s first-covenant people, Israel, perhaps especially in the Psalms. Often, we are emotionally inconsistent and spiritually dull.Our joy will not be perfect in this life; we will always strain and struggle. We will have our angsts and anxieties. We will have our ups and downs.Feelings come and go, but joy is more than just a feeling! Joy is the assurance that comes from making choices that are pleasing to God.

Here are two ways that you can bring joy  to life in your walk.

#1- If your thoughts are constantly getting you down in the dumps, try refocusing your thoughts on things that will instead lift your spirits. Make a regular and conscious effort to fill your mind with and to think good thoughts.

#2 Make the best of what you currently have – always remember that you have something to be thankful for. Erica opted to be joyful by sharing her birthday with Wozy. That is making the best of a situation.


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