A Pope, The Pill and The Perils of Sexual Chaos

pills-1354782_960_720The sexual revolution flaunted the empty promise of sexual freedom, so-called stronger marriages, the control of unwanted pregnancies and more opportunities for women to advance in the workplace. Did all this sexual license provide authentic freedom?

A new documentary UNPROTECTED: A HALF-CENTURY OF SEXUAL CHAOS (Ignatius Press, Runaway Planet Pictures and DJEM Media) sheds light on the history of the sexual revolution, the moral decline of the West and a broken generation rife with sexual woundedness, fractured marriages and overall moral bankruptcy. Pope Paul VI in his prophetic 50-year-old encyclical Humanae Vitae warned the Church about these issues. UNPROTECTED explores Humanae Vitae, a central focus of the documentary, which exposes the breakdown of the family, perversion of human sexuality, the rampant use of birth control and abortion on demand.

As a concerned father of three girls, the film’s writer and director, Don Johnson, traveled around the country to discover why the culture has become so toxic for women. Who (and what) has led to sexting pressure, the hookup culture, teenage depression and the #Metoo movement? Johnson found a surprising answer — and some hope for the future — by digging deeper into Humanae Vitae.

UNPROTECTED features interviews with renowned experts and scholars, including Janet Smith, Christopher West, Damon Owens, Jennifer Fulwiler, Sue Ellen Browder, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Patrick Coffin, Jennifer Roback Morse, Carrie Gress, Mark Regnerus, Benjamin Wiker, Leila Miller, Arleen Spenceley and Donald Asci.

Johnson hosted the premiere of UNPROTECTED at this pas Friday.

Watch the UNPROTECTED trailer below:


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