Greenleaf Returns With Sanctified Sizzle

greenleaf season 3Greenleaf is returning with a sanctified sizzle.

The Bishop and Lady Mae are headed towards a collision course unless God or Grace intervenes or else the only remaining solution would be divorce. In the wake of all the marital mess, Lady Mae attempts to reconnect with Maxine Patterson who is an old friend and a world-famous Christian motivational speaker in the hope to reclaim her forsaken call to preach.

This would mean asking for something that no lady has done before which is to survive as the sole head pastor of a mega church after a rift between its founding couple. Meanwhile, Grace is working undercover in the company of Rochelle to try and figure out what Rochelle’s motives and true identity are before the bishop is swept away by vanity and desire.
As the illusion of their ‘perfect’ marriage falters, will the bishop and Lady Mae’s secrets come to light?

The new season of ‘Greenleaf’ kicks off with a two-night season premiere event on Tuesday, August 28, and Wednesday, August 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. I will be live tweeting and revealing  my weekly lesson.  Follow me on @orethapedia .

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