BizThe holiday season brings wonderful moments to you. The only thing that can put a damper on your spirit is pulling out your holiday linens and seeing how they all have gone dingy and dull.

This year, that is exactly what happened to me.  I have linens for  the bedrooms, kitchen  and bathroom. I am that holiday happy person that buys towels, sheets and blankets to welcome in the season.  This year, I opened my holiday trunk and saw that the flood that I had over the summer had victimized by things. They had stains and dull yellowing on my whites.

In the last few months I have become a true Biz fan, but I knew that this would be my make or break moment.

I pre-treated my sheets and bedcovers  with Biz. For great measure I poured a half cup of Biz into the rinse cycle.  Needless to say,  when I took them out of the wash, everything was perfect. No stain was evident and my red snowflake bedding was perfectly red with no fading or discoloration.

Next up were my towels and shower curtains. The towels and shower curtains  with had yellow discoloration. I soaked both in Biz and cold water for 15 minutes. After I finished soaking them I placed them in the wash with half a cup in the rinse cycle. Again, Biz was successful!

I am happy camper! All my decorations and linens are in place and I am couldn’t be any happier.There is no better product out there to keep your items soft, amazing smelling  and color vibrant. Try it you’ll never wash without it again.

Happy Holidays!

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