man up bookIn his latest, hard-hitting book, Amazon best-selling author David Jeffers shares biblical insights from a 20-year journey of seeking God’s direction for his life.

David discovered that God desires His men to be in the Scriptures daily, where the answers to life’s daily questions can be found.

Man Up!: What the Bible Says About Being A Man ( teaches the reader that the model for being a man is clearly outlined in the Holy Scriptures.

In Chapter 10, Make Up!, writing on relationships with our wives, Jeffers declares:

“When your bride realizes that you love Jesus first and then her, she’ll not only know she has a godly man for a husband, she’ll also feel secure in her marriage. Why? This action brings heavenly joy to the home.”

From Chapter 11, Train Up!, on raising children, Jeffers continues:

“A godly father who takes his time to teach his children not only biblical precepts and principles, but also the biblical protection and provision from obeying God, will reap great joy later in life. His children will honor him when they get older. They will seek his advice in important matters of adulthood.”

Endorsed by syndicated columnist and FOXNews contributor Cal Thomas:

“In Man Up! – What the Bible Says About Being A Man, Dave Jeffers addresses a major problem in American culture. Men have forgotten how to be men (or were never taught) for several reasons and the feminist movement is just a minor part of it…Dave clears up the confusion using Scripture to bring clarity on many of the subjects men face daily. Every man of God will want this book as part of their discipleship.”

Carl Gallups, Pastor, Amazon Top-60 bestselling author, talk radio host, former Florida law enforcement officer, writes:

“This is something that few want to hear, but needs to be said. David Jeffers has dared to be a man of God, and to speak the truth – in writing. The title says it all, it’s time to Man Up. Share this book. Preach it. Teach it. Most importantly men – live it and be blessed!”

Available now in print and e-Reader at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iBooks.

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