egg-nog-and- snackIf you are decorating your tree, it is very likely that you are sipping some eggnog right now. National Eggnog Day is observed once a year on the day before Christmas.  Also known as egg milk punch, eggnog is a very popular drink throughout the United States during the holidays.

Eggnog is a sweetened dairy-based beverage that is traditionally made with milk and cream, sugar, whipped eggs and spices.  When served at parties and holiday get-togethers, liquor is often added to the eggnog such as brandy, rum, whiskey, bourbon, vodka or a combination of liquors.  The filled glass is typically garnished with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin spice.

Eggnog may be added as a flavoring to food or drinks such as coffee, tea, breads, pies, cakes or puddings.

The origin of the eggnog drink is debated.  It is the belief of some that the drink was originally developed in East Anglia, England, while others believe it originated as a medieval European beverage made with hot milk.

While gathering together with family and friends, enjoy a glass or two of eggnog! Use #NationalEggnogDay to post on social media.

As a  sidenote you should take note of the fact that Christmas Eve has some traditions as well. The anticipation of Christmas is often cause for celebration. Stockings are hung. Last minute gifts are wrapped.  Dishes are prepared for the big day.  Cookies are left for Santa.  Churches open their doors for solemn services.

It is also the day Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus take off on his journey delivering gifts around the world.

Hearkening back to 16th century when Christian traditions were first influenced by winter solstice celebrations, decorating and preparing for Christmas Day took place the evening before.  This included putting up the tree, decorating with mistletoe and holly, bringing in the Yule log and making dishes for the Christmas meal.

Jewish traditions have historically influenced Christian practices.  One such practice is that the church day traditionally begins in the evening. Christian churches have celebrated Christmas Eve in part because it is believed that Jesus was born at midnight. Many churches today hold Christmas Eve services or Midnight Masses. They may also hold candlelight vigils, Nativity productions or sing carols.

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