gingerbread cookiesIn a recent regional survey commissioned by Stop & Shop, results showed surprising findings as to what kinds of treats consumers reach for during the holiday season. The results also showcased similarities in the favorite sweets among consumers in the Boston, Hartford and Long Island areas.

  • The gingerbread man can keep on running as fast as he can: despite being a holiday staple, gingerbread cookies were not the top cookie choice in any regions where the survey was issued. Consumers instead opted for frosted sugar cookies as their holiday favorite. Specifically, 54 percent of Bostonians picked sugar cookies compared to 34 percent who picked gingerbread. Similar results were also present in Hartford (60 percent compared to 33 percent) and Long Island (49 percent to 25 percent).
  • When it comes to other holiday treats, respondents in all three areas said they are most likely to reach for the cheesecake when they visit the dessert table – and are less inclined to take a slice of apple pie or decadent chocolate cake (Boston 41 percent prefer cheesecake; Hartford 51 percent and Long Island 42 percent).
  • Regardless of their geographic location, respondents all agreed that there ain’t no shame in bringing a pre-made dessert to a holiday gathering. Eighty-one percent of Bostonians, 71 percent in Hartford and 73 percent in Long Island all stated that they would openly admit to bringing a bakery-made dessert instead of passing it off as homemade.

Differences Between the Regions
When it comes to holiday treats, there are also some differences in dessert preferences among the people of Boston, Hartford and Long Island:

  • In the Hartford area, consumers aren’t afraid to tell a little white lie to friends & family. Respondents aged 35-44 admitted the most to fibbing about baking a dessert for a holiday gathering – that they had actually purchased from a store or bakery.
  • Although frosted sugar cookies were the most popular cookie choice among Long Island respondents, it was the only region to choose Italian cookies as a close second.

This holiday season, Stop & Shop bakeries have over two dozen cookie options available for purchase including festive holiday frosted sugar cookies, gingerbread houses and chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie trays ready to grab and serve at your holiday party.

KRC Research conducted this research in December in 2018 via an online survey of 744 U.S. adults aged 18+ who are located in Greater Boston, Greater Hartford and Long Island areas. 

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