gifts-3883219_960_720Whether it’s a gift from a clueless relative or a random present from an office exchange, you may have dismissed the gift because it doesn’t suit your taste. That’s fine.

The giver probably knew you might not like the item and would want to return it. If it didn’t come with a receipt, however, you’ll need to be a bit more thoughtful. If you have a very open, stable, mature, communicative relationship with the giver, you can ask them for the receipt. You just need to do it in  the kindest way possible.”

Here’s something you can try: Don’t ask for the receipt, but set the person up to offer it. Start by thanking him or her for the gift and say what you like about it. Then offer an honest explanation as to why it’s not right. The giver may offer the receipt so you can get an exchange or mention where they purchased the item so you can get a store credit.

Focus on showing gratitude. It’s your decision how to handle an unwanted gift.Even if you hate the gift, try to find some redeeming quality in it (or its sentiment) and send the person a thank-you note.

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