babyJanuary is Baby Safety Month… and what better way to protect your precious little ones from germs, car seat dangers and more than the following two parenting game-changers!

Buckle Me Baby Coats

As you know experts rally yearly warning parents to take coats off in the car seat citing the dangers they pose in a crash, but experts aren’t around for epic parking lot meltdowns! Instead of taking coats off when you put your kids in the car….. isn’t it smarter to have coats that are actually designed for their car seat? Fashion meets function with Buckle Me Baby Coats, which are not only fun, fashion-forward and on-point this season, but they are also safer, super easy to use and winter warm! The Buckle Me Baby Coat front panel simply pulls to the side and the shoulder seams are set back. That way the car seat straps are under the coat and on the child’s chest where they belong. There’s no excess fabric in the way and the line has even been crash tested and approved. That means no more battles to put on and take off coats when getting in the car. Several adorable styles are available.

The Keepsie

Winter time means colds, the flu and lots of other yucky, contagious illness spreading! Yes, EVERY time a baby’s pacifier or favorite stuffed toy with pacifier attached gets dropped or tossed on the floor, it’s one more time kiddos are being exposed to sickness! With The Keepsie, you can keep your precious baby’s pacifier safe and clean from germs, airborne elements, animals, insects, pollen, dust and more when it’s not in use. This mom-invented, patented product is made with air holes to increase air flow and safe drying, and secure snaps, which remains closed when tossed in purses, diaper bags, or on the floor. The loop on the back attaches to pacifier strap/lanyard, and The Keepsie is easy to wipe clean. Covers pacifiers with attached plush animals and silicone protusions. Made in USA. Chemical & Toxin-Free. FDA & EU food safe.

The Keepsie patent is pending.

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