love doves holy spiritStarting on St. Valentine’s Day in 2019, single Christians over 21 years old have a new way to meet, make friends, and maybe get married. God the Matchmaker©, a program of Florida Theological Ministries, offers speed dating plus spiritual discernment and direction in the art of courtship, rather than just providing a way to “hook up.” The process is designed to help those who believe, remember to put God first in all things, including nonsexual companionship or marriage.

Historians and social scientists believe that the process of courtship is over 4,000 years old, with modern adjustments such as “dating” coming along only in the early 1900s. Unlike dating, which encourages participants to try out multiple new partners until finding the one that is just right, courtship focuses on getting to know and love one person, warts and all. The crew at God the Matchmaker believes that trying on several in order to find the perfect one is a method that should be reserved for buying shoes.

The process will leave behind elements of courtship that weren’t great back in the day, such as families giving away or selling brides as trophies or payments for conquest, and so on. Instead, God the Matchmaker encourages a transparent and mutually respectful process, resulting in people being able to marry according to informed choice, more in line with Moses’ statements in the book of Numbers, 36:6.

The service begins on February 14th –St. Valentine’s Day– in hopes of continuing to point courtship culture away from artificial norms that prepare people only for romantic love, which often fails. St. Valentine, identified as the patron saint of several things including love, gave his life after demonstrating selfless love through the healing of a blind girl, freeing captured Christians and refusing idolatry. After registration, background screening and orientation, participants will meet and talk with several people during a speed dating session, before rating each to identify the best fits. The service gives a complimentary first meal together when a match is made, and ongoing individualized support from ordained chaplains as a new couple travels along the road, possibly leading to matrimony.

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