womanlookingoutNational Get Up Day on February 1 is an opportunity to share inspiring stories of perseverance; it’s a reminder to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and give it (whatever it may be) another go!

February 1 marks the official end of National Skating Month (January) when rinks across the country bring communities together to experience the joys and benefits of skating. One of the first lessons every figure skater learns is how to fall and to get back up.  This day isn’t just about skating, though.  It’s about celebrating that Get Up spirit that applies to every aspect of life and inspiring others through stories, pictures, videos and social media.

More importantly, February 1 reminds all of us to Get Up when we stumble. We never know when our efforts to seek a goal or overcome an obstacle will encourage another to do the same.  Whether inspiration is found on or off the ice, in a classroom, through a co-worker or your own neighborhood, share your Get Up story on National Get Up Day!


Join the conversation by sharing your stories at www.WeGetUp.com, encouraging media outlets to share Get Up stories about local organizations and share your inspiration by using #GetUpDay on social media.

National Get Up Day will continue to encourage us to share our Get Up stories again one week before the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

U.S. Figure Skating founded National Get Up Day in 2017 to provide a platform to celebrate Get Up stories in communities around the country and to urge others to Get Up.

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