Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.16.45 PMNational Marriage Week USA (, a national campaign to increase marriage education and champion marital success, launches today and will conclude on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Since 2010, this important campaign has sought to espouse the many benefits of marriage, including better health, increased wealth, and greater happiness for married couples and their children.

New exclusive research was also released today showing that “For Satisfaction, Stability and Commitment, Marriage Beats Cohabitation.”

“Marriage is the most important social justice tool to reduce poverty, and offers significant benefits for individuals and children,” said Executive Director Sheila Weber. “It’s vital that Americans understand why marriage matters and what they can do to strengthen their own marriages as well as others in their community.”

National Marriage Week USA is:

  1. A movement to increase marriage education all across the U.S.
  2. The only national clearinghouse calendar for locating and posting marriage events.
  3. A public education campaign to promote the benefits of marriage for reducing poverty and benefiting children.
  4. A place to find help for your own marriage – whether you are struggling or not – in your community.$

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