Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 8.39.43 PMTwenty-five years ago this April a savage campaign of genocide began against the Tutsi people of Rwanda. In the space of 100 days a million people died at the hands of their countrymen.

Love Prevails is the story of two survivors of the Genocide, who lost everything except their faith and one another. Jean Bosco Rutagengwa worked as a government official; he and his fiancée, Christine, were among the millions caught up in one of the most terrible events of modern times. While most of their family members perished, they found refuge in what became famous as “Hotel Rwanda.”

The Rutagengwas’ story of survival is at once a love story and a harrowing look at what happens when a country is overrun by evil. Theirs is also a story of faith—an effort to find God in the midst of horror, to continue to believe even as you face the death of your loved ones—and of their struggle, when the horror finally ended, to find and to share meaning, healing, and reconciliation.

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