Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.37.48 PMA team of highly committed professionals whose combined media experience exceeds 100 years are starting a revolution. Their mandate is to win one billion people to Christ through a new brand of TV that will stream the message of Jesus Christ into every nation, a feat never before accomplished.

WhatTV is not just a catchy phrase, but also an acronym that carries deep meaning: World healing and transformation. Their brand name —What, is also a question, conveying their approach of answering important questions from a Christian worldview. In essence, WhatTV gives answers to ‘what’ people are looking for through innovative TV media (stories, news, shows, music, vlogs, etc.), which promotes healing and transformation.
Since no single channel can serve the media interests of the entire world, WhatTV are launching multiple channels, each one serving the cultural needs of every region of the world. From their flagship studio in Boston, MASS (Boston’sonly Christian TV station), they are producing content for their North American, Latin American and Arabic channels.
Content for their South Asian channel is produced from Birmingham, England, while content for their Russian, Persian, Hellenic and Turkish channels will be produced from their Cyprus studio by early 2020. To cover the rest of the world, two additional studios are planned by the end of 2020; one in London for the UK, Europe and African regions, and the other in Thailand for the East Asian region.

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