Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 6.31.42 PM.pngEarth Day inspires new ideas, from small and simple to big and bold. Small steps can add up when adapted by many over time, so here are tips for easy everyday habits that can make a difference.

Zoku Stainless Steel Bottles

Use eco-friendly household cleaners.  Durgol Cleaners are biodegradable and highly efficient; a little goes a long way.  Food-safe Durgol Kitchen removes grease and limescale, and Durgol Bathroom Cleaner quickly removes soap scum, grime and limescale buildup. The Swiss original against limescale, the Durgol brand is known for impeccable quality standards and commitment to the environment.

Keep your oven at the right temperature.  Oven temperatures can vary, and an oven that is hotter than the desired setting can waste energy and jeopardize your culinary results.  Use the CDN Oven Thermometer (DOT2) for highly accurate temperature monitoring.  Wide base and 2-way hook make it easy to place anywhere in the oven.

Bring your own straw. One great straw is all you need.  Made of 18/8 stainless steel, the modern reusable Zoku Pocket Straw features a silicone mouthpiece and protective carrying case.  The straw telescopes in and out for easy storage and transport.  A ring on the case lets you attach it to a key ring, belt or backpack.

Trade up from wasteful plastic bottles.  A quality beverage bottle improves your life while eliminating waste and conserving resources.  Zoku’s vacuum insulated Stainless Steel Bottle keep beverages hot up to 12 hours – and cold up to 40 hours.  This double-walled bottle is easy to carry, with a removable paracord lanyard.

Ditch the pods for freshly ground coffee.  Coffee pods and capsules generate hundreds of millions of pounds of packaging waste each year.  A JURA automatic coffee machine offers one-touch convenience, and your brew is always freshly ground, not capsuled.  After brewing, toss your coffee grounds in your garden as a natural fertilizer.

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