Nevada Pushing Last Minute ‘Equal Rights’ Bill That Will Harm Biological Women

medicalAt almost literally the 11th hour, with only 4 days left in the Nevada State Legislative session, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro slyly introduced SJR 8, a bill dubbed the “Nevada State Equal Rights Amendment.”

Legislators pushing this bill have done so under the cover of darkness. They claim they are promoting this amendment to the state constitution that would ensure equal rights for women along with “race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry or national origin.” But why would something so serious as amending the Nevada constitution be promoted with no transparency and kept from the public view?

SJR 8 does nothing to truly bring about equality for women. In fact, gains made in Nevada to advance women-owned business will suffer a setback, for example.  SJR 8 would cement into the state constitution protections for “gender identity” and “expression.” This clearly means that biological men who now perceive themselves to be women, dress as though they are women, act like and go by a woman’s name, will be considered so under this amendment. Those new “women” would have access to the same protections and opportunities that current biological women are afforded.

Further, SJR 8 would guarantee that transgender women (male to female individuals) would be given legal protections to use intimate, private spaces they identify with, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, women’s shelters and more. Privacy for biological women would be eliminated if SJR 8 is approved.

But SJR 8 doesn’t stop there. Men who self-identify as women would be able to compete in what is currently only all-female sports programs. Competitions presently among only biological females will now be forced to allow males undergoing sex change procedures and undergoing hormonal treatments to compete as those they were female. All school sporting competitions would be affected by SJR 8. But even private competitions, such as beauty pageants, will no longer be allowed to solely include only biological females.

The State of Nevada will hold public and private schools, universities and colleges hostage by denying them state funding if they do not embrace the state’s new open-ended definition of gender, if they continue to embrace a traditional definition of marriage of one man and one woman, or if they object to providing abortion services or referrals.  Religious institutions and organizations that presently receive state funding would be forced to alter their beliefs in order to continue receiving funds, even though the services they provide benefit the public.

What is also alarming about SJR 8 is that private doctors, medical providers and health companies that object to performing procedures or providing coverage for gender reassignment could be stripped of their licenses, denied government reimbursement payments and more if they continue to object based on moral or religious grounds.

SJR 8 is a recipe for disaster for the State of Nevada. There is nothing equal about the this “Equal Rights Amendment.” In fact, it creates a state of inequality. How dare this legislator and her supporters attempt to ram upon the people of Nevada this twisted notion of equality on our people.

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