prayer.jpgPrayer is more than recitation of words. Prayer is engagement of communication between you and the creator. Prayer  should be something that is more than a burden.

Just start talking with God, in conversation, the way you would with a loving father. You can keep your prayers short. Don’t feel guilty if a sentence or two is all you need to express yourself. It’s the sincerity of your prayers that counts, not the length.

Think and pray in circles with the closest relationships near the center and then move out. People often ask others to pray for them. This would be a great opportunity to refresh your thoughts and focus on whom you are praying for. It also allows you to help others. We all have moments that we wish we could help someone. Prayer is a great way to do that.Read the word of God first. Meditate on it. Pray in it. Then pray what God shows you from the word for the people that are appointed to be prayed for that day.

Mingle general prayers with specific prayers. A lot of people are skittish about general prayers. I love general prayers. Like: Hallowed be thy name all over the world. That is a big, general prayer. Specific prayers are also important. So a specific prayer might be: Grant that my friend  find a job this week. He has been out of work, Lord. Help him find a job. That is specific. You can just see the answer to that immediately. A general prayer would be: Lord, cause Bill to love you more and to treasure you above all.

I leave you with this prayer.

God you are always with us. Please guide our every action.
There are times that doubt and fear creep into our thoughts.
Help us lean on You and not on our own understanding.
Help us to focus not on our problems but on You, God.



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