Fall means time to come back inside. Boy, do I have the book for you. I have a a gauge to how good a book is. I ride the train everyday for over an hour.

If I have to check where I am and nearly miss my stop, this is a good book.

I have long considered Reshonda Tate Billingsley great writer.  I even wrote a plea to Shonda Rhimes to make  tv shows of a few here in my story:  Make It Now: 3 Book Series Shonda Rhimes Needs To Cast Now.

This is her 50th book and I must tell you this is a smash out the park tome. This new book is proof positive why she is one of the great ones.

The story  surrounds Aja,  a mom, daughter-in-law and wife who loves her family. You meet her  at what seems to be the very cream of her life.  She likes her job and loves spending time with her family and friends.  The story turns upside down when on the morning, she is headed off to do something she has longed for get spoiled. The plans that she has looked forward to for a long time crash down and what was tiny crack becomes a huge fissure.   Aja’s kids need her, her husband needs her, there’s no gas in her car and she is on a tight schedule to get to her event on time,  once on a lifetime chance.

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 1.16.09 PMOn vacation with her friends, Aja just isn’t feeling the vacation vibe. She just can’t get past feeling down. What is she doing wrong in her life that she feels this way? She has everything anyone could want-a handsome husband that loves her, great kids, a job, a beautiful home filled with beautiful things.

What is her problem?

Her friends can’t seem to pull her out of her funk, until Aja meets someone special who seems to know her and what she is feeling. Maybe this vacation will help her get beyond her past hurts and the rut she feels she’s in now after all!

Aja then stuns everyone by making an impulsive decision that will affect everyone she loves to help herself. Ms Billingsley  does not. She weaves a multi layered, complicated believable tale that will resonate with most women who are  at the start of empty nestdom.


I tell you this book is filled with twists and turns. Unlike many books that make changes in characters lives neat and clean, this one is far closer to real life. How many women who look like they have everything wake up one morning and realize something’s missing? Probably more than a few.

This book is for all women who are wondering what happens next and who am I. This book is for all women who are afraid to claim themselves.

Please read this one.

I promise you will not be sorry. I have read books before that I did not want to put down. This is one of them.

It is available everywhere books are sold. Go get it!

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