Adrienne Houghton Video clip

This Fall I am going to try something different with my Monday Motivations.  This Adrienne Baillon Houghton  kicks off what I am going to attempt to actually bring. I am going to bring  you real world  applications and ways of living your walk. I don’t know what your exact walk is, but I am going to try and offer you something different.

Many of us have watched Adrienne for years. She started her career as one of Disney’s Cheetah girls. Now she is the ‘young married Latino perspective’ at the  table for ‘The Real’ show. Her voice gives a real sense of what it means to grow up east coast New York. I say this to people all the time that we who are native born New Yorkers are tough. We affirm clearly and concisely what we believe and how we believe.

Today she hit the nail on the head when she talked about the fact that when you are covered in prayer it is wonderful. You should want to live a life that reflects your love of Christ. That’s an amazing commentary.  I wish more people would follow her example.

This morning she posted a video that will and should provoke you to sit down and think.

Full disclosure, I have always been a fan and have interviewed her numerous times. In those moments, she always struck me as a woman of true faith and devotion.

I have longed admired her honesty.    Remember pray for others.

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