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The Bear Essentials” inspires children (Pre-K through Grade 3) with the heart-warming tale of a young bear learning the magic of a father’s love and the power of the heart.

“This is the perfect bedtime story book for fathers to read to kids,” said author Hal Price, winner of 2018 “Mindfulness” Award and 8-time Best-Selling International Author. Full color illustrations from Michael Bayouth, a former Walt Disney Illustrator and award-winning filmmaker and Storyboard artist for the motion picture industry bring this rhyming story to life.

“The Bear Essentials” is the heart-warming tale of a young bear learning the magic of a father’s love.

Eli Benjamin Bear is very upset that his father must go out of town on business and fears his father doesn’t love him.

But Eli’s father cares very much, and shares the “Secret Code of Life” that his own father gave to him many years ago.

Eli’s dad reads the secret “Bear Essentials” scroll as a bedtime story to Eli and changes not only the relationship between father and son, but Eli’s interaction with his own heart.

Readers will delight in the poetic wisdom passed down from a grandfather’s secret scroll to help Eli Benjamin Bear understand both his father and his own heart.

Everyone is invited to share this tale with the “little bear(s)” they love each night!

Children will see and hear a beautiful bedtime story that will stay within their hearts forever. This story is designed to create a bridge between parents and their children while offering children a powerful but simple message about how to be true to themselves and their feelings. The tale will teach them to listen to the love and wisdom of their heart’s inner guidance.

This book presents a wonderful opportunity for parents to build trust, deeper loving connections, and a truly heart-felt dialogue between themselves and their children.

The story aids social-emotional learning and talks about the power of passing down valuable insight, wisdom and guidance from generation to generation. It opens the door for many discussions at a young age that will be even more appreciated in later developmental years.

The “Bear Essentials” tale was developed into a children’s book following the many requests that Hal received from parents, teachers and hospital patients after public readings of his 2018 The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear book.

This beautifully illustrated book makes a perfect gift, especially from children to fathers or fathers to children. (Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Father’s Birthdays, etc.).

Keep your eyes open for it.

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