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A million men from across the nation  will gather at the Might Men  event  to  learn, pray and promote a legacy of honoring God this Fall. Hundreds of churches and men across the will hear from the inspiring and influential voices of Pastor Tony Evans and Pastor Sammy Rodriguez and the Chairman of Promise Keepers, Mr.Ken Harrison.

Today there was an announcement that Jeremy Camp has been added to the line-up. His story “I Still Believe” hits theaters this fall so he’ll be sharing his testimony and his music, both of which took center stage in the making of the movie!

Here is Jeremy’s special message:

Mighty Man Movement objectives:

  • To be the go-to Ministry to Men resource
  • Proliferation of ministry to men’s best practices
  • Providing leadership workshops up and down the state
  • Providing a regional/local speakers bureau that can serve them in their local churches
  • Provide a master calendar sharing local and regional strategic events
  • Connect the 6000 churches in the state of California 

The “Building a Legacy” Million Man Call To Prayer simulcast will inspire, motivate and equip God’s men, through inspiring and motivational speakers, and both prayer and discipleship resources, to build a God honoring legacy on behalf of their families, churches, and communities. The catalyst to help men achieve this goal, we believe, is by incorporating worship-based prayer into their lives, leading to an intimacy with, and empowerment from the Lord, leading to victory over issues such as drugs, violence, gangs, homelessness, greed, broken marriages, depression, fatherlessness, and pornography.

 For men to overcome these issues in their lives, the power of prayer that leads to transformation of their hearts, is paramount. The goal is for men to pray continually, connect regularly, train relentlessly and serve selflessly; and in the process, become God’s man!

They’re calling on one million men from all over our country to join with us as we learn and pray together on that day… a million men across one Nation.

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