petsPutting Fido first. HealthPocket, a free information source designed to help consumers find medical coverage, today released results of a millennial health insurance survey which found that 62% of millennials would take their pet to the vet before going to the doctor for themselves.

While millennials love their pets, they also like their health insurance, with 89% reporting they currently have coverage. According to the survey results, four in ten (40%) of millennials have even stayed at a job they weren’t happy at in order to keep their health insurance. When it comes to paying their medical bills, nearly half (47%) admit to having to ask their parents for help. However, 54% report having gone without health insurance at some point.

The survey asked about certain behaviors and found that millennials rely on technology when it comes to their health. Seventy nine percent say they ask “Dr. Google” about an ailment before making an appointment to see an actual doctor. When millennials do see a doctor, 63% think they should be able to text their doctor directly. Almost half (45%) are more likely to try telemedicine before visiting a doctor’s office.

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