9 Tips on How to Speak to Your Kids About Coronavirus

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With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing and many states sending kids home, Florida International University mental health counselor, Yasmin Rey offers some tips on how to address COVID-19 with kids.

Parents have a lot of questions on how to broach this topic, especially if their kids are anxious from all the news that is circulating. Below are some tips from Yasmin Rey that I think your readers would find interesting and informative.


  1. Don’t avoid the topic.


  1. Stay calm.


  1. Reassure child by providing factual information.


  1. Avoid giving too much information.


  1. Limit news exposure.


  1. Show empathy and warmth.


  1. Give them a sense of control.


  1. Keep a routine.


  1. Continue the conversation


Remember children feel secure the more you provide security.

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