Is Your Name Red Carpet Worthy or Simply a Seat Filler?

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 9.19.56 AMAre you destined to be an A-list actor? What about a New York Times best-selling author? You’d be surprised what your name can tell you about yourself.

We wanted to know what everyone’s name is most likely to be famous for, so we sifted through thousands of famous first names and separated them by vocation. We combed through the names of Presidents dating back to the 1800s, old-time Hollywood hunks that reigned in the 1920s, and countless Olympic athletes both past and present (to name a few).

Interesting findings:

  • John is the most popular famous name in all five categories.
  • The top 40 most famous names are all traditional male names.
  • The names Jack and Jane dominate the actor and actress category.

Itching to know if famous people with your name are mostly musicians, politicians, actors, authors, or athletes? Type your name into the name tool and see for yourself here.


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