world peaceFormer Naval officer turned pilot Robert DeLaurentis is on a mission to share peace by connecting the two places on the planet where peace has always existed — the North and South Poles — with everyone in between. Before he could complete his mission, however, the coronavirus pandemic struck.

With friends, family, sponsors, and others telling him to cancel the mission and return home, Robert doubled down and self-quarantined right where he was: in Spain, at the epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe. He remains committed to completing his journey of global peace, and shares insights on how he is cultivating inner peace during the quarantine and preparing for what comes next.

“While this pandemic is tragic with people all around the world suffering, I’d like to offer another perspective,” Robert says. “What if the Universe is giving us an opportunity to recalibrate and reconnect with what is most important? On a global scale, we will come to learn the value of peace on our planet and the importance of cooperation versus competition between countries that is required to achieve this peace, like that which has always existed at the North and South Poles.”

  1. Build yourself a sanctuary. Whether during quarantine or as you navigate both the new opportunities and uncertainties that come next, you need a quiet, clean, peaceful, and drama-free environment where you can check in with yourself, get grounded, and come back to a baseline of inner calm. Find a room or a nook where you can create this for yourself — a place where you can find silence and be open to what the Universe has for you. Don’t overthink it. Instead, focus on removing distractions and easing your resistance to being open.
  2. Rally the right team. How many of your friends do you feel really support you and your life goals? I used to have a large group of friends, but many of them seemed to suck my energy dry and leave me depleted, while others simply seemed neutral or indifferent. I left many of these relationships behind to make room for the new people that I would attract that were in better alignment with me and more uplifting.
  3. Let go of self-judgment. We all have that voice in our head that makes negative comments and tells us what we “should” do. Give yourself a break. You need all the support you can get, and that includes being your own cheerleader at every opportunity. It’s called “self-love” and may be the most important thing any of us learn on the planet as souls having a human experience.
  4. Find a mentor. It’s difficult to see your own situation when you are down in the trenches. You need someone who has faced similar challenges and can guide you over or around them, depending on the situation. This person will have perspective that you don’t. Find the best person you can get. It might cost you some money, but it will be well worth it and will pay off many times over.
  5. Embrace a new world. Take action and embrace the new life that citizens of the world are currently presented. It’s the Universe’s way of shaking things up and giving us new opportunities to grow. To do this, we must sometimes push past our own (or others’) considerable resistance.

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