musical notes LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVX) (“LiveXLive”), a global digital media company focused on live entertainment, announced today its launch into pay-per-view (PPV) live stream performances and events. LiveXLive’s Pay-Per-View (PPV) initiative will drive a new revenue-sharing model for both artists and LiveXLive via digital ticket sales, fan tipping, digital meet and greets, merchandise sales and sponsorship, enabling artists to go direct-to-consumer using LiveXLive’s PPV platform.

LiveXLive’s first pay-per-view event will be the acclaimed virtual concert series ‘Live From Out There,’ featuring more than 45 live performances starting on Friday, May 15th and continuing for four weeks until June 7th. ‘Live From Out There’ is produced by full service entertainment group 11E1even Group. Tickets went on sale Wednesday, May 14 and can be purchased via and

“We are very much looking forward to working with LiveXLive and the newly added paywall allowing us to bring revenue to artists participating in Live From Out There,” said Ben Baruch, Owner of 11E1even Group and co-founder of Live From Out There.

Digital event ticketing for single, multi-day and virtual tours further diversifies LiveXLive’s revenue model, adding to current advertising and subscription monetization. LiveXLive’s pay-per-view offering will include tour and weekend passes ($39.99 and $19.99, respectively) and an a la carte option for single shows ($4.99).

“The music business is at an important inflection point,” said Robert Ellin, the CEO and Chairman of LiveXLive. “Pay-Per-View and digital ticketing have been staples for the broadcast entertainment business for many years. We’re excited to be among the first-movers in pay-per-view live stream music events where we see significant revenue potential for both artists and our business.”

As part of its PPV offering to artists, LiveXLive will take advantage of its various promotional channels reaching over 820,000 paid subscribers on its app as well as its 835K of followers on social media.

LiveXLive has already streamed over 900 artists and over 200 hours since January 1, 2020 as compared to a total of 300 artists during the entire 2019 calendar year. Its inaugural Music Lives 48-hour global music festival reached over 50 million live streams with an average of 200K concurrent viewers and 4.9 billion video views for #musiclives on TikTok.

LiveXLive, accessible on the web as well as on devices from the car to home, brings music fans the best seat in the house for festivals, concerts and events worldwide, via a curated-by-people audio selection of millions of recorded songs, original programming segments comprised of live performances, podcasts, artist interviews, lifestyle segments, and show pilots. LiveXLive’s streams are also available on Amazon, Apple TV, Roku and Samsung TVs. LiveXLive operates a live events business and offers branded entertainment, content development, advertising, merchandising, and live streaming services. For more information about LiveXLive, please visit

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