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We’re hearing more in the news about we have ‘flattened the curve’ in the coronavirus pandemic. Since coronaviruses doesn’t thrive in warm, moist weather with lots of sunshine packed with germ-killing Ultraviolet Radiation, it’s quite possible that soon the bulk of this COVID-19 Pandemic will be behind us.

As an award-winning scientific and academic leader, Dr. Dan has worked with several biotech and pharmaceutical companies on increasing awareness, education, and research in many diagnostic and therapeutic fields, including in the biotechnology industry.

I thought it would be great to get him to weigh in.

Orethapedia: What are the chances of a 2nd Coronavirus wave?

Dr. Dan: The chances are good as we enter a flu season again. Flu season is from October to March, so we could have a flu and Covid pandemic at the same time in the future.

Orethapedia: What can the government, scientists, healthcare facilities, and the citizens in our country do to prepare for a 2ndwave?

Dr. Dan:   The government can continue to educate and create awareness around the symptoms and risks, scientists can enhance surveillance systems through more accurate and reliable diagnostic testing while working on a vaccine, and healthcare facilities can ensure we have PPE and additional medical supplies so there is no shortage. The citizens of our country can continue to practice social distancing, be mindful of your surroundings as you enter hospitals and nursing homes and continue to find ways to boost your immune system.

Orethapedia: What have we learned from the 1st wave of COVID-19?

Dr. Dan:  We learned how fast COVID-19 can spread and how contagious this is, so the preparation plan has to be in place, and gaining information from reliable resources as there is a great deal of misinformation out there. Also, our public health officials learned about the importance of continuing to build a strong public health infrastructure moving forward.

Orethapedia: What new future healthcare technologies can be implemented to prepare for the 2nd wave?

Dr. Dan:  The use of A.I (artificial intelligence) and predictive analytics can be useful as we look at utilizing data to make more informed decisions to prepare for the 2nd wave. A.I will be able to predict a future outbreak again through the use of machine learning algorithms, which can then help with future preparedness. Also, the use of digital mobile apps like symptom checkers and contract tracing apps will help.

Orethapedia:  If we do have a 2nd wave of COVID-19 will it be worse or better than the 1st wave?

Dr. Dan: I don’t see it as bad the second time around because it will start to lose its novelty at that point. Many carriers have gone completely unnoticed at this time, which increases the likelihood of a certain amount of immunity to then protect them. We are still looking at 2021 before a vaccine is completed 

Orethapedia: Where may we get more information on this topic and your other writings and discussion?

Dr. Dan answerAt or on Twitter @DrDanMd1

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