pixabayCertain countries have begun to reopen for tourists, but many have strict requirements for travelers coming from the US.

Travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.com shares travel insurance tips for travelers heading to destinations with COVID-19 related restrictions.

Negative Test Result Required for Entry

Many countries are requiring US residents to provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.

Travel Insurance Tip: Most travel insurance policies will not cover the costs of tests taken prior to departure. However, insured travelers that test positive for COVID-19 before departing may be covered to cancel their trip if their policy includes cancellation coverage for contracting coronavirus.

Mandatory Medical Coverage for COVID-19

Certain countries now require travelers to have medical insurance that specifically covers the treatment of COVID-19.

Travel Insurance Tip:  Some travel insurance policies include emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage for COVID-19. Squaremouth.com reports 24 policies available that currently offer this coverage.

Policies that may include cancellation coverage and medical coverage for contracting coronavirus can be found here.

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