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Family-owned Dallas based metal fabrication shop, the NoContactKey has risen in popularity since the introduction of their one of a kind clean touch key. The NoContactKey is a no contact door opener, tool and stylus made of metal antimicrobial brass. To help parents and students heading back to school in-person feel more comfortable as they navigate a challenging learning environment during this pandemic, NoContactKey has expanded their product selection to include a child size version of their clean touch germ key, perfectly suited for children’s fingers

Currently, the NoContactKey is the number one hygiene tool supplying clients throughout the country with their no touch hand tools. The demand from consumers for additional PPE so that they may feel safe handling daily tasks has resulted in NoContactKey’s shop processing thousands of orders a day and becoming a large-scale production allowing them to pivot quickly to better serve teachers, students and schools.

“Every parent wants to be assured that the school their children will attend this fall is taking serious precautions against the spread of COVID-19,” said Don Douglas, founder of NoContactKey. “Despite schools’ major efforts towards cleanliness and social distancing, community spread of the virus is still a prevalent reality. That is why we feel every child and teacher should have their own NoContact Key as an extra precaution to reduce the number of germy shared surfaces they are exposed to throughout the day.”

Parents, teachers and students can feel safer and stay healthier by explaining to the kids how to use the NoContactKey and reinforcing the importance of trying to avoid directly touching shared surfaces.

  • With the help of a no contact germ tool like the NoContactKey, your children can enter a school without worrying about touching door knobs or pressing buttons.
  • A child can use the brass door opener keychain hook and the weight of a door is not a factor but rather the amount of resistance the door closer provides. The door closer is the device mounted at the top of the door and is responsible for controlling how much effort is required to open the door. If a door closer resistance is adjusted to the ADA standard of 5 pounds or less, then the user will be able to easily open the door using the NoContactKey.
  • Keeping a NoContactKey easily accessible allows your children to avoid using their hands to press water fountain buttons, touch school locker handles, push elevator buttons, lower toilet handles, etc.
  • The NoContactKey also serves as a high-quality stylus which can be used on many touch screen learning devices including iPad tablets.

The NoContactKey germ utility tool can be the added assurance parents need for their children to head back to school safely. When it comes to procuring PPE for the coming year, Parent Teacher Associations and school administrators can provide additional peace of mind to families and staff by providing the best no touch tool made from antimicrobial brass. by not touching shared surfaces. Made from antimicrobial brass, it is the best no touch tool available!

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