13 Reasons Why NOT to Commit Suicide

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 7.37.40 PMSchool is starting, which can be hell for some kids due to bullying, abuse and more, resulting in suicide and running away.

Media veteran and New York’s nationally recognized and award-winning child advocate, Steve Simpson, wants to help victims, like himself, and he offers the ’13 reasons why NOT to commit suicide’ below.

1.Everybody I know who thought of suicide were glad they never did it; Things got better!
2.You are not alone. Other people have your problems too. There are solutions. Ask for help.
3.No problems or pain can last forever, things can work out, you can be happy; have faith.
4.Your parent’s problems and addictions are not your fault. You’re not responsible for people abusing you.
5.The negative things said about you or that you think about yourself are not true.
6.Even though you don’t think your pain and loneliness will go away, it will!
7.You don’t need suicide to escape your pain, being abused or bullied; there are other ways.
8.Don’t give up! Things get better faster than you ever thought they could.
9.There are people waiting to help you who will care about you and your problems, help is free.
10.Your problems don’t make up who you are; ALL problems can be solved.
11.Your life has value; you’re smarter, talented and more loveable than you think!
12.There is always hope, sometimes we just need people to help us see it.
13.No matter how bad things seem things ALWAYS get better

Share 1-800-273-TALK (8255) with anyone who needs help.


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