Work It Out Wednesday: How To Move On

Sometimes there are things in our life that we’re not crazy about, that are quite unpleasant, very distressing even—and yet there’s nothing we can do about it. And in those moments acceptance, acknowledging what is true without adding on layers of “I don’t want this to be true,” “It’s not fair,” “I don’t like this,” “Why did this happen to me,” can help us get through these difficult times with more ease.

Some people think about changing, some people talk about changing, and there are those who actually take actions that lead to better results.

Why does it hurt so acutely when we remove something or someone from our lives? It makes us question ourselves. Sadness and anger are likely two of the emotions brewing; there is also fear, guilt, confusion. If we feel undermined or betrayed, we may ask ourselves if we knew the friend as well as we thought, or if we misjudged her character. If we ourselves have caused the fissure, we self-criticize.

The truth is, we can’t control anyone besides ourselves.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes.

Forgive others every day; forgive yourself every hour; don’t hold resentment tightly. Look for the beauty in the world; laugh at yourself; laugh with others.

Be present.

All these things help you to move forward.

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