Millions of U.S. families have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic, and as a result, many are facing the impossible choice of deciding to purchase diapers for their babies or other necessities such as food, rent, and healthcare. The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) estimates that they are giving out 50% more diapers now than before COVID-19. 

In order to help these struggling families,  GoFundMe and the NDBN launched a centralized hub with verified fundraisers to #EndDiaperNeed and raise funds for this critical need. All donations will go directly to the National Diaper Bank Network of more than 240 diaper banks across the United States.

A modest $18 can provide diapers for one baby for one week.

We must address this public health crisis head on and your donation will help #EndDiaperNeed.   

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