Dr. Myles Spar, chief medical officer of Vault Health, says: “Oxytocin is the bonding hormone that makes you feel more connected to people you already have some relationship with. There are a number of ways to naturally increase your oxytocin levels and, as a result, decrease stress. For example, oxytocin levels go up if you hug someone for a long time.”

Married couples have been having a hard year and may need a boost.

Here are a few ways Dr. Spar suggests to stay stress-free as well as increase your oxytocin this holiday season:

  1. Do an activity together. From getting a couples massage to going on a scenic walk together, sharing time together away from your regular surroundings (and stress) will do your relationship a world of good. Plus, the endorphins will also give your mental health a nice boost as well.
  2. Try out Vault Health’s Sex Kit. This contains prescription oxytocin that’s completely healthy and natural, and helps you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. 
  3. Physical touch and cuddling. There are multiple studies that have shown that physical touch lowers our cortisol levels, which are connected to stress, and helps us to feel safe and happy. 
  4. Connect on a deeper level. Expand foreplay with some emotional connection, looking into each other’s eyes by candlelight or taking a bath together. Talk about what’s stressing you out, comfort one another, and tell your partner what it is your love about them. 

All of these are quality experiences that build a relationship and make it stronger. Paired with the fact that these are all ways of increasing your oxytocin levels and men, you’ve got your stress-free holiday season ready to go.

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