Days can be hard. When you start a new year you are often filled with issues that run through your mind.

KEHLANI’s ‘Bright’ is a great song for to reflect on. You are enough.

The lyrics are:

Little girl, watching her reflection
As she parts her curls into four sections
She says, “I don’t look like them, I don’t look like her”
“And I don’t want what’s on my head”
But baby girl don’t be misledYeah, yeah
Young woman reading magazines
Thinking to herself, “Nobody looks like me”
“Oh, I’ve got all these curves, all this nerve”
“Why can’t I keep a man?”
But baby girl if you love yourself you canCan’t nobody love somebody that do not love themselves
You are what you choose to be
It’s not up to no one else
So be great, be kind
Don’t let them dim your light
A woman like a sun should always stay bright

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