This week’s thought provoking PureFlix family picks are really deep. I am telling you, get the Pureflix subscription. It is really worth it.

The first one brings to mind what small actions can do and what true forgiveness is. WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? –

The journey continues from WWJD as the drifter (John Schneider) arrives into a new town – inspiring a group of people to live as Jesus would. A troubled teen heads down the wrong path dragging his brother along with him. A young woman struggles with the pressures of being in a romantic relationship. A family hopes to reunite with their estranged father. When the local pastor Joseph loses his faith in the lord the Drifter leads the pastor and the community on an improbable journey back to faith and redemption. I never saw the first one, but having not viewed it, I didn’t feel lost. The acting was superb and  the story was well written. It wasn’t sugary sweet, but truthful in salvation telling.


Eternal Salvation 

Jonathan Wright has everything: a prestigious job, incredibly beautiful wife, gorgeous seven-year-old daughter and countless friends. Having recently been appointed to Senior Vice President of business relations for a well established investment banking firm, Jonathan believes he is on the fast track to reaching the apex of his career. He and his team have been assigned a new client’s billion-dollar account.

In the prime of his life, Jonathan suffers a life-threatening brain aneurysm that leaves him comatose. After regaining consciousness, he begins the grueling task of rebuilding his life. During this difficult time, he is determined to find the true meaning of life.

Take a look.



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