As the nation grapples with the nightmare of the COVID-19 crisis, the Livingston, New Jersey cold storage freezer, refrigerator and storage box manufacturer Across International, with its Sparks, Nevada, branch to service the West Coast, has immediately risen alongside local emergency responders to face the unprecedented challenge. The lab equipment provider has deployed the most versatile, reliable, efficient, easy to operate -86°C cold storage units, the flagship line of their catalog.


With the upheavals in the healthcare community, these freezers make it easier, safer and more affordable to store COVID-19 vaccination. Built not only with CFC and VFC requirements and cETLus compliance but also ease of the operator’s use in mind, the manufacturer is more than ready to help out the most affected counties in the U.S. The fact of the matter is that healthcare professionals and hospitals will have to adopt a new model to store COVID-19 vaccines and require the right technology and support to back it. It is a paradigm shift, and Across International understands the relevance of its ultra-low freezers, along with the values of the healthcare professionals that use them in the market.

Across International started its efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic at hometown, proudly offering its vaccine storage solutions to Essex County, NJ, a role model in the emergency response efforts; as Julie Wernau of the WSJ put it, “while officials struggle at times with supply hiccups caused by slow-to-arrive vaccines, Essex County said it is using 100% of its doses every week, with surrounding counties coming to it for advice.” Across International was also there when first responders from the city of Elizabeth, NJ, and counties of Nevada and Washoe, neighbors of their Sparks location, followed suit, entrusting the programmable freezers with their precious vaccine reserves.

Key features that set the freezers Across International offers apart as healthcare and emergency response teams weigh the decision of where to turn for cold storage include: ease of data collection, storage and export, simplifying tracking the conditions under which vaccines are stored; ergonomic design so they are easy to open, quieter to work around, and level even on uneven lab floors; safety features like alarms, internal batteries to run controllers if power is lost, CO2 backup to ensure samples are protected in case of critical failure, data loggers with Wi-fi/Bluetooth enabled text and email alerts, transmitters for connection to external systems, all geared towards ensuring no vaccines go to waste. This is crucial, as the WHO published in 2005 a guideline for program managers that found based on their data an estimated 50% of vaccines globally are destroyed between failures in temperature control and mishandling during transportation, the latter of which inspired the Ai -70 C shipping cube. 

Not only does Across International seek to minimize vaccine loss due to improper storage but also take into account the growing environmental concerns in its selection of CFC-free refrigerants, opting for HC in the design of their RapidChill line, which cools faster, is readily available for recharge and comes with a lower energy consumption, environmental footprint and cost of ownership. This technology earned the RapidChill 20 and 26 Cu. Ft. models the EnergyStar rating for vaccination centers with big cold storage needs not looking to receive a big electric bill to match it.

While the two branches stand side by side with our essential workers assisting the vaccination efforts however they can, Across International hopes the vaccination rollout throughout the country will occur faster. The manufacturer realizes the gravity of the situation and affirms that the distribution of the vaccine has become integral to return back to normalcy.

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