Who Wins Battle of The Household Essentials : Brand Vs Brand


We are all a little budget conscious these days. Often, the question at hand is should I buy the brand name or the store name. In some case you win by buying  the known name and in other cases you win by buying the generic. When you are a working adult you have to make choices based on what is best for your lifestyle.

Here is my list of unsolicited recommendations:

Granola bars  Nature’s Valley Vs  Nice! Granola Bars

Walgreen’s has a generic bar that is just as good if not better. I love the NICE! Chewy Chocolate Chip bars better. It’s the right amount of granola and chocolate chips

Garbage Bags- Target Ruffies Color Scents Tall Kitchen Bags with Drawstring English Garden Blue 13 gallon 45 ct Vs Glad Blue Tall Kitchen Drawstring Recycling Bags 13 gal 45 ct

Grated you can only get the target brand in the store, I must say that hands down their is better. In New York, a shoddy garbage bag could be the difference between a ticket and safety. The generic wins. I have found that the scent also keeps the squirrels and possum away too!

Disinfecting Wipes Clorox Wipes Vs Up & Up Wipes

This one is a dead tie. The pre-moistened wipes are also great for cleaning and fighting germs outside the home. Keep them in your purse, store them in your car and stash them in your desk at work.  Both work just as well.

Paper-towels- Bounty vs Viva

This one had a clear winner. Bounty has been around a long time. My mother was a Bounty fan. I discovered Viva purely by accident while shopping at target one day. Well, I need to say I am sold.I am sold on its texture and quality. I am sold 100% that this is the brand for me.

Toilet  TissueScott Vs Cottonelle

COTTONELLE os the clear winner for me. After using it once, I was sold. My tush thanks me.

What’s your fav?

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