HushLoudly, the podcast and brand dedicated to redefining society’s misperception of introverts, has announced February 8 – 15 as Black Introvert Week. During this week, the Black introvert community will have the opportunity to share their businesses, talents, and endeavors, while advocating for understanding and acceptance of this intersectionality of their personality type and race during Black History Month.

“We live in a society that favors the most outgoing, extroverted and outwardly expressive behaviors, so when you’re an introvert who typically does not display these traits, you’re often misunderstood and perceived as something else,” said Podcaster Jeri Bingham, Founder of HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined, “When you’re both Black and introverted, it adds another layer of mystery and misunderstanding especially in the workplace as the majority uses their own mis-perceptions, stereotypes and conclusions to define you because you don’t live your life out loud.”  

HushLoudly defines introverts as individuals who gain energy internally and rely on their inner thoughts and analysis as they recharge preferably in solitude with little external stimuli.  Extroverts gain energy externally and recharge preferably with external stimuli such as people, activities, and more social environments. In addition to recognition of Black Introvert-owned businesses and endeavors, HushLoudly is hosting a virtual panel discussion during #BlackIntrovertWeek:

Panel – “Black First, Introvert Second: Where Do I Fit In?”
Black introverted executives discuss the intersectionality of being Black and introverted in leadership, and how they navigate through the misperceptions and misunderstandings to lead successfully. 
Panelists: Kenny Anderson, Keni Dominguez, Darrious Hilmon, Christina Steed 
Moderator/Host: Jeri Bingham, HushLoudly
Tuesday, February 9, 6 – 7:15 p.m. CST
Register here.

HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined is a brand created out of a desire to empower and encourage introverts, while educating and informing others about the highly misunderstood personality type.  HushLoudly gives rise to introverts by raising their voices and sharing the stories, challenges and successes of introverts living in an extrovert-rewarding world.  The HushLoudly podcast is available here at and where most podcasts are found.  Visit the website for more information.

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