Zoe and Jordan Sims Rhodes, Park Tudor High School students, today announced the launch of their new fashion and accessory line, Vaccinated While… Part of a campaign aimed at raising vaccine experience awareness among impacted communities and across social media, the “Vaccinated While…” branded clothing, facemasks and accessories are now available for purchase at https://www.redbubble.com/people/VaccinatedWhile/explore

“We are Black daughters of scientists. We are believers of science,” the sisters posted on their designer page. “Our Vaccinated While… campaign aims to overcome fear and mistrust by sharing vaccination experiences on social media in hopes that information will lead to willingness to vaccinate as they become available.” 

Zoe, 16, and Jordan, 15, created the VaccinatedWhile… logo and the #VaccinatedWhile hashtag to help people publicly display their vaccine stories. Knowing the power of fashion to promote social change, the sisters timed their launch to coincide with New York Fashion Week and Black History Month. They drew inspiration from examples like the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign. 

Included in their line are items displaying their logo “Vaccinated While American”, “Vaccinated While Black,” “Vaccinated While Latinx”, and “Vaccinated While LGBTQ+” and others. As the vaccine becomes available, many people in these communities, which have been largely impacted by the pandemic, may be encouraged to get the vaccine if others like them have received the shot and shared their stories.

As young Black women, the sisters hope that promoting stories of people who look like them taking the vaccines will create trust and confidence in the shots. “Whether you are Vaccinated While Black, LatinX, American, Queer, Dog/Cat loving, or Boomers,” the girls added, “we hope that you will share your collective experiences using the #vaccinatedwhile hashtag.”B

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