No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc., is proud to announce the opening of the nation’s first menstrual hub, The SPOT Period, located in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA. SPOT, representing Safety, Programming, Optimal, Transformation, will function as a safe, welcoming space that provides acceptance, understanding, education, period care, menstrual hygiene resources and will aid the community in reaching its full potential. At its core, The SPOT Period will also provide access to clean water and operable toilets for women and girls that do not have reliable access to these basic amenities. The SPOT Period will officially opened on Saturday, February 20.

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The 2,500 square foot space will be equipped with offices, a reception area, computer room, storage space for menstrual supplies and a “Breonna Taylor” Safe room. The goal of the Breonna Taylor room is to create a space to escape the dangers of the world experienced by so many marginalized women and girls. This room will provide comfort and acceptance so they can show their vulnerability, allowing for authentic conversations and open-flow information sharing. In 2021, the room will become the epicenter of educational seminars and panel discussions.

Along with the necessary menstrual resources, there will be a large educational aspect to the SPOT Period. There will be resources and conversations around normalizing menstrual cycles, health and hygiene, uterine care, proper usage of sustainable options such as menstrual cups, healthcare resources as well as life skills on budgeting and nutrition. In addition, crucial conversations will be held about bodily autonomy, consent and healthy relationships. The hub will host speakers to further discuss these issues including academic partners from Thomas Jefferson University, Dr. Allison Casola and Dr. Shawana Moore and political figures including State Representative Darisha Parker. 

“It is my greatest privilege to launch this space for my community, especially after the hardships that last year brought us during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Founder Lynette Medley. “Our mission is to inspire Black communities and marginalized groups to believe in themselves and realize that they are so much more than an overlooked societal statistic. My hope is that this is the next step in demanding the policy changes that are so desperately needed.” 

To participate in The SPOT Period, community members must reserve a time. Upon arrival and ongoing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the team will take each person’s temperature and provide masks as needed. They will then provide them with resources that can be requested via an online form or do an assessment with them to assess what supplies and services are needed. 

The SPOT Period will operate Monday 10am – 6pm, Wednesday 12pm – 8pm, Friday 10am -6pm and Saturday by appointment only. Initially, the hub will accept 8-10 appointments a day and evolve with the community through a process that best meets their needs. After-hours needs will be taken on a case-by-case basis, but it is strongly recommended to submit requests ahead of time via

The SPOT Period will provide reentry support to women through a partnership with Golden Rod transportation. This service is key, as more than half of the population is impacted emotionally and physically by the incarceration of a family member. Diva Cares International has provided sponsorship for the Breonna Taylor room and will be supplying a monthly donation of 200 Diva Menstrual cups. Period, The Menstrual Movement, will be donating cobranded first period kits that include products for one cycle, printed education materials, journal, and stickers all in a reusable bag. 

The SPOT Period is located at 4811 Germantown Avenue, Suite 101, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

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