Many of us are missing loved ones amid the pandemic, and those who have family members in nursing homes and care facilities are especially facing challenges. Without activities that elderly are used to doing with grandkids to spend time with them, it adds to feelings of isolation.

In an effort to connect family members with loved ones in care facilities and motivate residents, nursing homes have adopted RESTORE-Together, a new and enhanced motivational therapy platform with a multiplayer function that now allows patients the ability to play skill-building games together instantly with family, loved ones, and residents at other nursing homes without the need for in-person visitation. 

RESTORE-Together allows the following:

  • Players can participate in live, nationwide gaming tournaments.
  • No special hardware needed. RESTORE-Together offers all the benefits of RESTORE Skills, now with the additional benefit of collaboration. Thanks to the RESTORE Skills platform, facilities nationwide can do the following from their laptops:
    • Turn every patient room into a therapy gym with just a laptop, internet connection, and a webcam
    • Seamlessly connect patients to loved ones and other therapy patients
    • Keep seniors busy, active and engaged
  • Residents can access multiplayer games all from the safety of their rooms, turning any patient room into a therapy gym. 
  • RESTORE-Together creates safe social gaming opportunities during the Coronavirus pandemic, while also enabling patients to make therapy strides during the process.
  • This is a big component of fighting isolation in nursing homes – especially as we head into the colder months of the year and a potential second wave, which may make in-person visitations an obstacle for patients and loved ones.

A nursing home is intended to offer a high level of care. Outside of a hospital, nursing homes provide the highest level of medical care available. Nursing homes do provide assistance with daily care, but they are generally chosen as a living option because of the high level of medical care. A licensed physician supervises and a nurse or other medical professional is always available on the property. Occupational and physical therapists should be available on site as well. A nursing home is a good choice if a recent health development has disabled a loved one, such as a fall or a stroke, and there is no way they can receive the level of necessary care through home-health or another living facility. Sometimes, nursing homes are temporary options right after hospitalization or rehab, and residents return home or to another facility after a short amount of time.

Although picking the right living option may seem daunting, there are many resources available to guide you. You should always consult your loved one’s doctor and of course the senior themselves. Try talking to someone who has experience in the eldercare field, such as a medical social worker, care manager, or an agency that specializes in moving seniors at no cost. Social workers and eldercare agencies should also be able to tell you about eligibility requirements for federal or state aid.

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