Lenten Meditation Song Of The Day: Travis Greene ‘Intentional’

Lent reminds us that God is ever present in our lives. Travis Greene wrote a hit single entitled Intentional’
The song details that are actions have meaning.

All things are working for my good/’Cause He’s intentional
Never failing/I know that all things are working for my good
He’s intentional/Never failing

We all want  to see glorious, practical things for ourselves in God’s word. Whether you are asking a specific question or just needing spiritual food for the day, this tool will help you take the next step as you seek to know, enjoy, and share Jesus. The Bible makes promises to those who love God.

God can take things that are bad and put them in the crucible of His wisdom and love. He works all things together for good, and He gives us the glorious, wonderful promise that He will do so.

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