Deitrick Haddon’s ‘Time (Truth Is My Energy)’ may have been missed last year as we faced the troubles and struggles of our everyday life, but it is definitely one to add in now. The album is definitely the salve, comfort and inspiration that will get through.

It is proof why Deitrick Haddon is simply one the best artists of modern music, not just gospel

Track 1- Every Time is the opening track of the album is musically reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ track and gives you the acoustic feel of being on an open road trip. Spiritually, the song calls us to be grateful and humble during Holy week. It will be one of my favorite tracks on the album. The theology that he slays you with when he sings:

Alpha, Omega, beginning and the end/ Omnipresent, Omniscient, You are Omnipotent
You’re not only my God, you’re the Father, you’re my friend / You didn’t mind making the sacrifice to take away all sins

Deitrick’s gift of praise and worship is clear on the chorus as well :

Oh give thanks unto the Lord/He is good and his mercy endureth forever, forever
You are the Way, you’re the Truth and the Light / You’re the moon and the stars that shine at night
And pierce through darkness

When I call you, you always come through/You do it every time/And when I need a breakthrough you/ Do it every time /And you give me grace I don’t deserve/ Do it every time

Scripture says Maccabees 4:24  says On their return they sang hymns and praises to Heaven, for he is good, for his mercy endures for ever.

I think following the new track he just released ‘Sick World this one needs to be re-released as a single. It can definitely soar up the charts. I would’ve to hear this song with awful symphony.

Track 2- Go Back starts with the loop of the Jackson Five’s ABC. After you hear those opening keys the song brings the truth front and center to our daily weakness of Social media that quite possibly has taken us too far over the line away from God and caring about each other. You will hear the piano summon you to bop your head. It’s

Deitrick calls us with the lyrics ‘Church we use to have power Lord/Get our instructions from the Lord/ Now we don’t seek the Lord/ Now we do it for Facebook and IG

Track 3- Open Door Season reminds you sonically of the Temptations “World of Confusion” and the Tower of Power days. It is a positive encouragement song that God is ever present and will open doors but we must see them and be willing to obey and not live in fear. Sometimes we wallow, this track makes us open ourselves to the call that God places on our lives that we cannot sit idle and we cannot feel pity for ourselves.

Watch the fun video below featuring his wife and children.

Track 4- I Appreciate is an interesting song because it really deserves to be on the playlist of radio right along ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’. Deitrick’s soulful love song rings sincere that we should know that we are in a love relationship with God. We often forget that we should be thankful for what God gives us. The chorus says, ‘I’m tripping on you, you’re thinking bout me, that’s whatcha call love/ I’m walking by faith even though I don’t see that’s whatcha call trust’

Track 5- Let It Go (Everything) This one lyrically focuses on one of the struggles we face everyday and that’s failing to trust God. There is a beautiful prayer called the Divine Mercy. In the prayer we lay it all on the line and say ‘Jesus I trust in thee’. If we trust in him, that means we can’t hold on to what give to God in trust. Once we let Jesus have it we can’t take it back. It is his divine wisdom that keeps us going and He knows what it is best. When you are frustrated push play on this one.

Track 6- Complete Me starts off with a blues rift that climbs in to R&B with a dash of hip-hop soul praise song. The best part of this is not that it is not the standard sing song praise song. It is as contemporary as anything you hear on the radio now. I personally am reminded of a song from Chris Brown called “Overtime’. It has the same deep rhythmic seasoning and deep lyrical introspection. I would add this to your night time wind down each night.

Track 7- ‘He Carried the Cross for Me‘ -This is the new Good Friday song. As many of us focus on the Seven Last Words, this should be the call and response song. Musically, it is simple to follow. It allows you to use it in between reflections. The music takes you back to the big stadium anthems of Journey. If ever Deitrick does a duets, he should pick Steve Perry and see where the song goes. The song ends with organ playing ‘It is well with my soul’.

Track 8 – ‘He’s Able’ The Lost Verse I found myself lost in the visuals that the song invokes. The soaring guitar riffs are as good as a Maroon 5’s riffs. The drummer hits hard and you can literally feel the chorus in your chest.

Track 9- ‘My Time‘ This is the song for all those coming in to the church on Easter Sunday and at the vigils. I remember what it felt like to walk out the doors after being baptized. You are bearing the rebirth that we are given in those moments and this song reminds me of those moments. Everything is new and fresh. The song lyrics ‘Here I go with the second verse,/ I’m flowing this is not rehearsed/ Another tree planted with a tree planted in some dirt/Take it from me if you messed up you can get up and break every curse/ And look at me now got a new life only this time I come first‘ As you look at the new members coming in to the church and you renew your baptismal promises hold this song close to your heart. Deitrick delivers joy and hopefulness in abundance on this track.

Track 10 ‘Abundant Life‘ This is definitely Easter Sunday in music. If you are not pumping this track up you are missing out. It is joyous and brings us back to Kevin Lyttle and Sean Paul heights with a dash of Fat Joe. You can feel the spring breeze and hear the happiness. Deitrick aptly displays his vocal flexibility on this track. He doesn’t get enough credit for this at all and this is the track that I would actually send to radio on a white label.

Track 11 ‘City Called Heaven‘ This song name checks all the greatest cities that we love and hold dear. It has all the country flavor of Rascal Flats. It should be your Saturday afternoon go to. It is filled with anticipation of what we all think about when we think of the end of our days. It is hopeful.

Track 12 ‘Made It Home‘ This song reminds you of what would happen if Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye’s combined songs of ‘What’s Going’ and ‘Sittin On The Dock of the Bay’ had child and added hip hop. It is definitely one that sounds like a grown wise man pleading his case in a turbulent times. The raw street-smart lyrics pull you in to the real meaning of what is happening right now when he sings : You gotcha wife, you got them kids/You got a whole family and you gotta live/Just let it go, leave it alone/Learn how to forgive, be the bigger man and make it home/I was just like the prodigal son/ I wanted to live life on the run/But those streets ain’t made for everybody/Live by the gun you will die by the gun.

Track 13 ‘Come Through‘ is a gospel song that is a bar room blues belter. If you have no idea what bar room blues sounds like, don’t worry just grab your tambourine. I couldn’t help but think of Litte Richard and Rance Allen. You have a dash of gospel and driving blues guitar.

Track 14 ‘Gorilla Faith‘ is definitely your morning push through track. It’s a big bass song that will lift your spirits heavenward. My favorite lyrics are as follows: My faith is super/ strong/ Stronger than crazy glue/ And you keep amazing me/ That’s why I keep praising you
And I just be getting stronger/ Life it keep getting harder/ The MJ of gospel/ I moon walk on the water

Deitrick delivers a musical delight once again with an album that is driven by truth, gospel and art. It is rare when you hear originality in gospel music that pushes you to a new level. This album does all that and more. He keeps it fresh and soulful while bringing the Good News.

If you missed this one you should add it.

It’s well worth it.

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