I have read almost every book that she has done over the years. It is not any shock to me that finally her books are being optioned.

Here are three reasons why you should know her.

April is Black Women’s History Month. In keeping with this celebration, you should not miss one of the premiere authors of our times. Victoria Christopher Murray needs respect and regard now. She elevates the Christian Contemporary category. I would not categorize her in the urban category and I think to do that an entire audience misses out on her.

Women in the arts now present a voice that needs to be heard. The stories they tell are timely and more relatable than any reality show that you see on the air.

#3 Ms. Murray’s books have great faith strands. She doesn’t hit you over the head with it, but it is present and teaches great lessons of how to deal with everyday lessons. There are many writers who use the bible and quotes in a book and never develop the characters. Here characters are genuinely entrenched in faith and struggle and evolution. I have always found there be a dept in each character. Even if you hated the villain there were qualities that made you like them a little. This is hard for many writer to accurately portray on paper. Ms. Murray does this exceptionally well.

#2 The characters in her books are anchored in truth. It is often easy for people to write happy idyllic worlds. Their occupations and personal circumstances are ones that you can find in your own world. The world she created in The Jasmine Series is so accurate it is uncanny. You feel like you could see Jasmine walking down the street.I have read a ton of series but only one other series from a black author has ever kept me as enthralled. I will talk about the great Sienna Mynx next week. I implore you to read the Jasmine series below.

#1 She does not shy away from hot topics. Stand Your Ground was a perfect example. In this book, race and gun issue head on. It came at the right time with the right message. She also takes and deals with her audiences emotions, in a way that more authors should. Considering the current climate of the country , this book should be mandatory in book clubs. She does not shy away the law, race relations or the break down in society.

Next weekend her Deadly Sins books are coming to the small screen. I think that a lager audience should experience her books.

In addition, she is helping other writers become better authors.

Do not miss her the movies going next week.

Watch the trailers below and tell all your friends. Don’t miss this chance to help bring a Black female author to the forefront.

Here is the first book that will be airing on the Lifetime Channel on Saturday April 10.

Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story is a morality tale that explores the power of lust, but at what cost? Tiffanie Cooper (Keri Hilson) is about to have the wedding of her dreams to her soul mate Damon King (Tobias Truvillion). But when Damon’s old friend Trey Taylor (Durrell ‘Tank’ Babbs) arrives, fresh from prison to step in as Damon’s best man, Tiffanie’s whole world gets rocked. Sexy and mysterious, Trey triggers a passion in Tiffanie that she never expected, and suddenly the life she’s always planned with Damon is uncertain.

Book Two is Envy. Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story, Gabrielle Flores (Rose Rollins) has it all – a devoted husband, a beautiful daughter, and one of the best PR firms in the country. When Gabrielle’s father suddenly reveals she has a half-sister, Keisha (Serayah), as a result of a brief affair, only-child Gabrielle is delighted to welcome her into her life. But Keisha, who grew up with nothing, wants more than a sisterly bond from Gabrielle—she wants her life, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

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