Did you know that June is the most popular time of the year to move?

Whether you’re finding a new home or planning/prepping for your next move, uprooting your life can be an incredibly stressful event — it is even more difficult if you have kids, pets, and too much stuff.  However, with these tried and true tips from the experts at Roadway Moving, NYC’s premiere moving company, so you can have a hassle free relocation.

  1. Prepare an Essentials BoxSave one box for the items you’ll want immediate access to, such as toiletries, medications and sheets.
  1. Pack Ahead– By starting early you’re able to pack only the things you need, and sell or give away any unnecessary items
  1. Supervise the Move– You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches if you oversee the moving process. This way you’ll ensure items are handled the way you want them and that everything is loaded into the truck in an order that makes sense.
  1. Keep a Moving Inventory– Label each box with a number and the room they belong in. Then create a detailed list of each box’s contents so you can ensure all your items arrive safely.
  1. Take Care of Pets and Plants– Big moves tend to be stressful for pets. If your pet must be present on moving day ensure they are in an area away from the most activity with enough water and food. Pack your plants in open boxes and pad the sides with newspaper.
  1. Double and Triple Check– Check every cabinet, closet, attic and drawer to ensure nothing gets left behind in the process. The last thing you want is to be settled in to your new home and realize your favorite pot holders are missing
  1. Clean and Paint BEFORE Moving Day– It’s much easier to prep your home for the influx of new items before the furniture is settled in
  1. Check the Bill of Lading– Moving companies must show you the contract before they start loading your items in the truck. Take the time to go through and ensure it matches the terms on your original order and hold onto a copy in case of any damages.
  1. Be Eco-friendly With Your Packing Materials– If you’re making a local move, research companies in your area that rent plastic covered boxes. This will make moving and unpacking that much easier when you know you can’t delay your packing and unpacking process.
  1. Get Organized– Tape the names of each area in your new home to assist movers. This way you won’t have your son’s trophy collection and video games in the den when they were supposed to be upstairs.

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