selfWe all have it in us to give ourselves what we need, without seeking it externally.

Isn’t it far better to know how to support yourself in times of need? Here’s how to become your own best friend.

1. Be nice to yourself

The first step to becoming a friend to yourself is to treat yourself like you would treat a friend. That means that you need to stop being self-critical and beating yourself up.

2. Honor your needs

Following the theme of considering how you would help a dear friend, you need to start taking your own advice and putting your own needs first.

3. Honor your yes’s and no’s the same

Be okay to say yes to things you really want to do. In the same vein, be okay saying no to people and places. If you are stretched  thin you cannot help anyone.

4. Treat yourself.

I bet your best friend sends you the occasional postcard, care package on your birthday, or buys you cute little so-and-sos because something made her think of you. You have the exact same power.

We “rise to the occasion” for him, her, them and it … and yet, somehow, fail to do this for ourselves. Today start rising to the occasion for yourself.

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