, the largest database of online healthcare companies in the USA has assembled their annual list of health-conscious gifts for Father’s Day.

At-Home Male Fertility Testing & Sperm Storage
Companies like Dadi make it easier to get tested for fertility issues — all while safely storing your sperm. Simply order an online kit, provide a sample in the comfort of your home, and send your kit to the lab for testing.

Get $25 off fertility testing & sperm storage from Dadi. Use code RELIEFSEEKER when you sign up.

Hair Loss Treatment
Nearly 80% of men suffer from some type of hair loss at some point in their lives. Hair loss is a common condition among men, but luckily there are plenty of treatments available — that you can order from your own home.

Click on this link to get 35% off at-home prescription hair loss treatments at Keeps.

All-Natural Skincare
Even if Dad feels his best, we know he still wants to look his best, too. We love him no matter what, and we want him to have the healthiest skin care available. That’s why we opt for all-natural skincare from Caldera + Lab.

Treat droopy skin, crow’s feet, and frown lines — all with one line of nature-born skincare at Caldera + Lab.

Personalized Vitamins
Most of us take a once-a-day multivitamin in addition to vitamins and supplements we ‘think’ we need. But do we actually need these vitamins and supplements?

Companies like Rootine have been changing the way consumers buy vitamins. Instead of just guessing how many milligrams you need of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D, you can now take a test to discover exactly what types of vitamins you need to live your best life.

Get $20 off at Rootine when you click on the link to order.

Clear Aligners
Get dad straighter teeth and the brighter smile he’s always wanted for Father’s Day! He’ll get fitted from the comfort of his home, choose his own treatment option (daytime or nighttime), and get the smile he’s always wanted.

Get $200 OFF Candid Clear Aligners by clicking on this link.

This Father’s Day don’t forget about Dad’s health! Keep him happy and healthy (all from the comfort of home) by signing him up for any of these great last-minute gifts!

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