sunglassesHere are the most common injuries by age-group according to consumer research website

Product Primary Injury Injured Body Part Primary Age Group ER Visits Per Summer
Fans Laceration Finger 1 to 5 5,213
Bicycles or accessories Internal organ injury Head 5 to 10 184,531
Fireworks Burns, thermal Hand 10 to 15 9,496
Water skiing Laceration Face 15 to 20 4,239
Mountain climbing Strain or Sprain Ankle 20 to 25 1,450
Fishing Foreign body Finger 40 to 50 18,971
Riding power lawn mowers Strain or Sprain Trunk, lower 50 to 60 5,014
Outdoor awnings or shutters Laceration Head 60 to 70 636
Garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers Laceration Face 70 to 80 5,357

According to ValuePenguin’s data scientist Dr. David Ascienzo:

  • Your toddlers’ tendency to touch and grab things can hurt them badly: Children aged 1 to 5 years run a high risk of hand injuries during the summer from touching or grabbing fans, hot grills, beach chairs and folding chairs.
  • Keep an eye on your bike-riding or ‘dive-bombing’ kids: The vast majority of summer injuries sustained by 5-10-year-olds were from biking and swimming pools. Another worrying injury was from young children this age accidentally consuming swimming pool chemicals.
  • Adults & Seniors need to be careful too: Performing routine, and seemingly harmless tasks in the summer, like fishing, lawn maintenance, moving air conditioners, opening outdoor awnings or using garden hoses, nozzles or sprinklers can be deadly for adults and seniors.
To identify the most common product-related summer injuries, Dr. Ascienzo looked at emergency room data from 1998 through 2017 from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can read his full report here:

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