National Resurrect Romance Week Arrives At Unique Time

National Resurrect Romance Week is observed the second full week in August. This week-long celebration takes place six months after Valentine’s Day. Founder Michael Webb felt Valentine’s Day had been placed on a commercial scale, with the act of romance taking a back seat. Webb wanted to encourage people to celebrate love from the heart to remind ourselves that the best gift you can give is a showing our significant other the real meaning of love.

“The purpose of the week is to place the emphasis back on our hearts and off of our wallets. To designate just one day for romance seems bewildering to me, so I am hoping that people will make an effort to do something romantic each day for an entire week. If people do that, they will see an amazing change in their relationship and will be more motivated to becoming a year-round romantic.” –Michael Webb website

There are many ways we can show our significant other how much they mean to us. When a romantic gesture comes from the heart, it has an impact on our emotions. A simple task of putting flowers on a ceiling fan and turning it on as your sweetie walks in can make an ordinary day into an impromptu romantic moment. Little gestures always go a long way, especially showing your significant other how much they mean to you in small acts of kindness and love. There are so many ways we can show our sweethearts we love them without having to purchase extravagant gifts. National Resurrect Romance Week is the perfect time to rekindle the affection we have for our significant other.
Think of it as a second Valentine’s Day. Plan on at least one romantic gesture each day of the week.
Use #NationalRespectRomanceWeek in social media.

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