Marvin Gaye’s Classic Song, “I Want to Come Home For Christmas” Honors Veterans This Season

n honor of Veterans Day and America’s veterans and servicemen and servicewomen, Motown/UMe and Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), have teamed up to premiere a new animated video for Marvin Gaye’s poignant holiday masterpiece song, “I Want to Come Home For Christmas.”

Gaye’s now-anthemic song, which was released posthumously, was written and recorded in 1972 – a year after his brother Frankie had returned from military service in Vietnam and struggled to find employment. Honoring veterans, and giving voice to the experience of so many returning servicemembers, Gaye threw himself into writing and recording R&B’s historic seamless concept album, What’s Going On. When composer Forest Hairston approached Gaye with the concept of a song supporting America’s prisoners of war, Gaye crafted “I Want to Come Home For Christmas.” Told from a soldier’s perspective, the song, now available on the Motown/UMe album You’re the Man, remains powerfully relevant as an anthem supporting America’s POW/MIA community, as well as the many troops who are away from home during the holiday season.

“When PVA was approached to team with Motown/UMe in celebration of a new Marvin Gaye song about a soldier wanting to be home for Christmas, we had to say yes,” said Charles Brown, PVA National President. “Most servicemembers at one time or another had to be away from home during Christmas and paralyzed veterans even suffer holiday isolation today. We couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than launching Marvin Gaye’s new song and video on Veteran’s Day.”

Adds Bruce Resnikoff, President and CEO, UMe, “On this Veteran’s Day, we are proud to partner with Paralyzed Veterans of America in honor of all those who have served and PVA’s work on their behalf. Marvin Gaye knew first-hand what so many veterans and their loved ones experience and gives it an anthemic voice with ‘I Want to Come Home for Christmas’ in the way that only Marvin can. This new animated video is intended to remind America of – and to honor – their service.”

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